LED & LCD Video Walls

LED & LCD Video Walls

Amplifying Your Message with Video Walls

Create a striking visual impact with Video Walls. Ideal for businesses aiming to make a significant impact, video walls offer a dynamic way to present your content. With over 20 years in the digital signage field, KMS delivers versatile video wall solutions suitable for a variety of settings. Our range includes high-resolution LCD displays ideal for indoor environments where detail and clarity are paramount, and robust LED panels designed for outdoor use, offering brightness and durability against the elements. We ensure that each installation, whether indoor or outdoor, effectively conveys your message and captivates your audience.


Video walls draw the audience’s attention with large-scale, high-definition displays, making them perfect for impactful visual communication in various settings, from corporate events to public venues.


Video walls are built to last, with LED panels offering particularly high durability. This robust construction translates into lower maintenance needs and costs over time, contributing to a better return on investment.


With the ability to tailor their size and configuration, video walls can be adapted to fit specific spatial requirements and design aesthetics, enhancing any environment they are placed in.


Video walls are adaptable to both indoor and outdoor settings. LCD panels offer stunning clarity and detail for indoor use, while LED walls provide brightness and resilience, perfect for outdoor environments.


LCD Video Walls

LCD video walls offer unparalleled precision and detail, making them an excellent choice for indoor environments where clarity and image sharpness are key. Their relatively thin bezel design allows for a nearly seamless visual experience, digital menus or retail product displays. LCD video walls are appreciated for their cost-effectiveness and ease of installation, making them a popular choice for many indoor applications. LED video walls


LED video walls

LED video walls are known for their brightness and durability, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. These walls use light-emitting diode technology, which allows for vivid colour reproduction and high-contrast visuals. LED panels are particularly effective in outdoor settings due to their ability to remain clear and visible even in bright sunlight. They offer flexibility in size and shape, with the ability to create custom dimensions and curved displays, ideal for making a bold statement in spaces like stadiums, public squares, and large-scale outdoor advertising.

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Video walls are exceptionally versatile, suitable for a variety of business applications. Whether for impactful advertising, engaging information displays, or creating immersive environments, they can be tailored to meet diverse requirements in settings like shopping centres, corporate lobbies, or event spaces. 

Yes, KMS supplies video walls that include models ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The LCD video walls provide stunning clarity for indoor settings, while the LED walls offer bright, durable displays perfect for outdoor environmen

KMS offers comprehensive support, encompassing everything from initial design and installation to ongoing maintenance and technical assistance, ensuring your video walls function flawlessly and remain up-to-date.

Video walls create engaging and memorable experiences, drawing in customers with dynamic visuals, making them an effective tool for enhancing customer engagement in various commercial settings.

We offer extensive customisation options for video walls, including size, layout, screen type, and technology. This flexibility allows us to create a solution that aligns perfectly with your business needs and brand identity.

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