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Step into the future of customer interaction with our digital totems and kiosks. Ideal for businesses seeking to enhance customer experiences, digital kiosks and totems are adept at displaying your products, providing information, and facilitating self-service. With over 20 years of experience in the digital signage arena, KMS excels in offering solutions that extend beyond mere technology. Our deep insight into the commercial sector’s needs drives us to deliver impactful digital kiosk solutions. 


Encourage customers to explore and engage with your products and services in a way that traditional advertising cannot.


Our kiosks can be customised in terms of design, functionality, and content to align perfectly with your brand and sector


We provide kiosks that are built to last, with high-quality materials and design suited for both indoor and outdoor


The interactive nature of our kiosks allows them to serve as an excellent tool for collecting customer feedback and usage data.

A full range of services to suit your needs


Our in-house design experts possess diverse skills, catering to various sectors and budgets. Learn more


Our network of specialised partners, equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and cutting-edge technology, enables us to deliver bespoke solutions across any sector or budget. Learn more


Our team comprises highly skilled engineers and technical developers, all of whom undergo rigorous training. Learn more


our dedicated customer care team can tailor care packages around your individual specifications Learn more


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KMS have a longstanding partnership with Argos working closely as their trusted Digital Signage and Technology partner on a number of projects

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Our kiosks are designed with flexibility in mind allowing them to be tailored to a wide array of business requirements. Whether it’s for product displays, information sharing, or streamlining customer service processes we can adjust the functionality and aesthetics to suit your specific environment. 

Absolutely, we offer kiosks that are engineered for resilience. They are built to withstand various outdoor elements, ensuring reliability and longevity whether placed in high-traffic urban areas or exposed to different weather conditions. 

KMS prides itself on offering comprehensive support. This includes regular maintenance and technical assistance to ensure your digital signage solutions operate seamlessly and continue to meet your evolving business needs. 

Yes, our kiosks are designed with user accessibility in mind. They feature intuitive interfaces that are easy to navigate for users of all ages, ensuring a smooth experience for every customer. 

Digital kiosks enhance the customer journey by offering quick access to information, reducing wait times, and providing engaging and interactive ways to explore your products and services, ultimately elevating the overall customer experience.

We offer a range of customisation options, from the physical design and branding to the software applications running on the kiosks. This ensures that each kiosk not only meets your specific business needs but also aligns with your brand identity.

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