On the 28th September, we exhibited at the Kiosk Summit, London for the first time; where we cemented ourselves as a kiosk and technology integrator. Showcasing our latest developments and solutions for the transport, retail, hospitality, QSR and many more sectors. 


Europe's only dedicated event for organisations utilising self-service technology to interact with their clients, streamlining customer journey and gain increased efficiency through cutting-edge interactivity. 

The one-day event offered the opportunity to meet many organisations and individuals looking to integrate, upgrade and develop new kiosk solutions within their organisation. Proving to be the perfect launchpad for us to introduce our revolutionary products from our latest self-service kiosks to tablet holders, giant smartphones and transparent coolers. We were also pleased to introduce visitors at our stand to our talented IT specialist, working as part of our development team to design, develop and build bespoke software for any kiosk solution.

Our MD, Emlyn Cole-Jones had this to say on the event:
“Attending Kiosk Summit 2017 was the perfect decision for us this year and fell in line with the launch of our re-brand and our dedicated move into the kiosk division. We were able to demonstrate our scope and abilities within this sector from a manufacturing and software perspective. 

Our unique service offering is like no one else in the market today, providing our clients with a full end-to-end solution where every aspect of a project falls under one roof. Meaning we control each and every part of the project and are not dictated to by external manufacturers or developers. Something that we found delegates at the Kiosk Summit were looking for.”


grace kitching